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Old, burned out mercury lamp


This is my short video showing old, burned out Polnish Mercury Vapor lamp.
This lamp was produced by Polamp in 1991 year, so it is 2 years younger than me ;) It has 250Watts, and it lights greenish (i like very much this light). As you can see on the video, lamp had problems with start, but if you use HPS ignitor it will start, and works normally :)
Here is this video, please rate and comment it :)

I think the starting resistor get loose, so why the kick "help"...

No, the resistor is OK, sometimes lamp starts normally, but sometimes it needs HV kick from the HPS ignitor. Electrodes are in poor condition, so lamp starts heavily.

Jace the Gull:
Yes indeed....I actually have a 175 watt MV ballast setup in a box with a BBQ ignitor wired to it for a kick up! It also functions to work a 150 watt 100 volt HPS lamp and 175 watt MH!


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