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How to kill HPS lamp

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Hello everyone :)
I'm new here, I'm from Poland, and I like lamps, and everything related with electrotechnic. Sorry for my mistakes, but my english is not very well.
In this topic I want to show you how to kill a HPS lamp  ;D
You need E40 socket, a few ballasts (as bigger power it have then better), parallel ignitor for High Pressure lamps (parallel, it means that it has only two connectors), power supply wire, and of course a High Pressure Sodium lamp ;D
Firstly, connect all your ballast in parallel, then connect them in series with HPS which you want to kill. Plug this into the AC power, and now take the ignitor, and connect it for a short time to the E40 socket connectors (be careful, firstly HV connector, then neutral connector, when disconnecting firstly disconnect neutral, then HV connector). After the lamp start immediately disconnect the ignitor, and now watch the horrible sodium lamp dying ;D
Here is my video of this experiment:

I use for this experiment used Philips SON-T Pro 100W lamp.
If somebody want, I can post some pics of the lamp after killing, and if somebody does not know how to connect all of the equipment to kill the lamp I can post a circuit draving.

P.S. Be careful, lamp may explode !!

Jace the Gull:
Hey welcome to GoL page! Your English is alright, in fact I know some members here who improved their English simply being in page with people who speaks English! No problem!

And I saw the video, wow! Great job on that! Did the arc tube explode or leak as I saw a blackening come on to the side very quickly.....

I could tell it was flashing 50 I right?

very nice video, i am currently trying to kill a Lights of America (LOA)50W HPS lamp on a 100W MH ballast. It has worked fine. I think the sodium will just diffuse through the arc tube wall and deposit in the outer bulb which has no getter. and then it will be a high pressure mercury lamp, with a thin arctube.

@A_lights: Be aware not to kill the ballast - the US 50WHPS is about 0.8..1A lamp (i don't remember exactly and i do not want to search for exactly correct number now), the 100WMH is 1.2A ballast, so the lamp would not be overdriven as much, but the higher current due to low arc voltage (~50..60V) might overheat the ballast...

@meved : The ballast was cool to the touch after several hours of running the lamp, though if i use a better quality 70W sylvania HPS then the ballast gets quite warm.


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