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Trying to explode an old burned out T8 36W Fluorescent tube.


Hello everyone :)
As everybody knows I really don't like T8 fluorescent tubes, because they nearly totally replaced T12 fluorescent tubes in my country. A few days ago when I was bored I try to destroy a few old burned out T8 fluorescent tubes overdriving them on 4 ballasts  with summary power 1,6 kiloWatts. To start them on this setup I use 9kV ignitor SE15/7U made by BAG Turgi which is able to start even very burned out fluorescent tube ;D
Here is video which shows this experiment
Unfortunately the tube did not explode, does you have any ideas how to force it to explode ?

Fluorescent is a vacuum device,  so it would not EXPLODE.
Heavy overload would at first overload the electrodes, witch then crack their glass stern. Consequently the air would leak in and so the arc would extinguish, so the show end...

Take one end off and sticky dynamite in it?  ;D

im guessing the lamp cycled because of excessive mercury pressure due to being overdriven ?

I don't think so, if it extinguish the arc, it s because of spent electrode coat...


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