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Title: Seems that another company in Israel produces cobraheads
Post by: dor123 on April 06, 2011, 03:03:00 am
Beside Gaash lighting, that produces the American 15 (Drop) and Intercity 15 (FCO) cobraheads, there is another israeli company that makes cobraheads: Lev Ofir (The company that responsible of our Mazda lanterns in Israel).
They have two cobraheads: America 25 (HPS and MH up to 250W) and America 40 (HPS and MH up to 400W).
Since they are so much reminds AE model 13 and roadway 113, i think several of the AE that i saw are actualy these lanterns from Lev Ofir (If they contains HPS or MH lamps)
However, I"m still sure that most of our AE lanterns are originals.