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Title: Stuff for trade
Post by: Hgbob on December 01, 2009, 11:51:52 am
Hello all,

Been away from the hobby for several months, persuing other ventures. Back now with some things for trade (ONLY!)

Six, NOS WESTINGHOUSE H39KC/C 175 Watt mercs....These are beautiful examples of the best from Westy.

Two SLYVANIA H39KC-175/DX Clearbanders. One is new, one used.


One NOS EYE M400 SX clear 400 Watt Metal Halide lamp in a BT-28 Envelope

NOS SYLVANIA H33CD-400 clear, in an ED style envelope

NOS H39KB175 Clear in an ED style envelope

Five NOS Ripley Sunswitch 6930B photo controls, dated 04

Two NOS Ripley Sunswitch SL-3120. These are fron the late 70's, when Ripley contracted with Tung-Sol while they rebuilt after the fire in the Middletown, CT. facility.

Ripley Sunswitch 6146, dated 91

Fisher pierce 6660, red case, relay chatters, for display or repair

Ripley Sunswitch 6190

Fisher Pierce, dated 95

Ripley Sunswitch 7046M. This is a salesmans copy, with a clear plastic case. Not working, for display or repair.

Two Ripley Sunswitch model 5940. One has a cracked case, square windows. Both work. I believe these are from the 70's.

Two Fisher Pierce 63305 meter pan style controls, one missing the glass cover. Both work.

What I'm looking for........Mostly older stuff.....especially photo controls. I need cases for the following photo controls:
Fisher Pierce 6667, I have one with no case.
Ripley sunswitch model 5940, Round eye hole, metallic silver, narrow flange.
Ripley Sunswitch model 5940, round eye hole, metallic silver, wide flange.

      I'm also looking for a PRECISION  "stub" type photo control.

      I have a Westinghouse gumball fixture that has a broken teardrop style refractor that I'd like to have.

      I can make pictures available of the "for trade" stuff, just e-mail me:

      Especially interested in stuff from RIPLEY SUNSWITCH form the 50's & 60's, and ANY tube type photo control.

     I'm also interested in purchasing older, working photo controls.

Bob Arenella