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Title: G.E. M250R2 Cobrahead For Sale
Post by: HPSM250R2 on July 07, 2019, 02:27:53 pm
Hello friends.

I have listed another one of my streetlights for sale on eBay. This one is a G.E. M250R2. When I originally received it, it was damaged in shipping. The glass refractor was broken and the fixture housing was a little scuffed up and has a few paint chips. The door latch also latches very loosely. I am not including a refractor, lamp, or photocontrol. This is for the fixture housing with ballast only. I have it priced currently at $89.99 with free shipping. I currently do not have the listing set up to accept offers. I am trying to at least get something out of it. If you are interested but my price is just too high please send me a P.M. on the gallery or through eBay's messaging system. Please keep in mind the shipping cost being included in the price. Remember how high shipping costs have been getting lately when considering purchasing or making an offer.

Thanks ;D