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Title: Attic Rewiring
Post by: NiMo on April 09, 2014, 10:05:15 pm
OK gang, here's the next project.  New wiring for the attic dorm.  My brother is planning to move his bedroom up there and he wants extra circuits wired for an AC, a fridge, and general power and lighting.  Now, since I already wired two subpanels (correctly, of course), I am going to do the same for the attic.  I'll be using a 6-space panel being fed with SER 6-6-6-6 from the basement.  Now, the leftover stock I have from my previous project isn't long enough (around 28 feet) so I am going to add another 15 feet to that and splice it in a 4-1/2 square box with big blue wirecaps.  The box has to be grounded so I need to use a split bolt to attach a piece of #6 aluminum to the bare ground lead and attach the other end to a lug screwed into the box.  Then that will be terminated to a 40 amp two pole breaker in the lead sub panel.  As you recall, I installed the 12 space panel to increase capacity to the main panel, and already branched a small panel for my workshop.  From there, I am going to run 1/2" EMT with #12 THHN for the attic stairway light and 14/2 NM cable for the room light (15 amp).  For the outlets, there will be two separate 20 amp outlets for the AC and a refrigerator, respectively both wired with 12/2 NM and the rest on the other 15 amp breaker for general purpose power.  After he moves, assuming that my dad is still around, my wife and I will take that over and eventually, we plan to use it as a rec room.
Title: Re: Attic Rewiring
Post by: NiMo on April 11, 2014, 10:21:02 pm
Looks like I won't have to do the splice after all.  I got some 8/3 metal clad (MC) cable so it will handle a 40 amp subpanel well.  It's around 40 feet so it will do the job nicely.